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Problem viewing streams?

If having difficulty getting the live broadcast, please restart your computer, then try again.... Next, update your flash player, and try again... if that doesn't work, please try a different browser.

Here are links to the most popular browsers.

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Test video before you pay.

If you can see this video at, you should be good to view the live stream.

If you cannot Click here to get the most recent flash player. After installing the flash player, reboot the system and try again!!

For best results please restart your computer before viewing a live stream. This refreshes your computer's memory, insures the best viewing experience and eliminates stutter and freezes.

What systems are supported by Prep45.GrandStadium.TV?

Prep45.GrandStadium.TV supports both Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms with the minimum specifications listed below:

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

800Kbps or higher broadband connection
2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
512MB of RAM (1GB of RAM recommended for net books); 128MB of graphics memory
Minimum Browser Version: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 22.0, Chrome 30
Flash Player 10 or higher

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

800Kbps or higher broadband connection
Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9
512MB of RAM; 128MB of graphics memory
Minimum Browser Version: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 22.0, Chrome 30
Flash Player 10 or higher

Mobile Devices

Most of our content can be displayed on Apple iOS devices and Android v4 and above.
Android access to certain over air events may be blocked due to FCC regulations regarding including captions for live events.

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My Video stutters and freezes, what is wrong?

“Tired” Browsers. We have found most playback issues can be resolved by rebooting the computer prior to logging in to view the broadcast or recorded event, particularly if you regularly hibernate or “sleep” your system. Out of Date Browser or Flash Player, be sure your browser and flash player are updated to the most current version. Incompatible Browser. Browsers are constantly being updated. While we try, sometimes a browser will introduce video playback issues that require some time to re-program our site to deliver all content. If a page appears broken, please try viewing with a different web browser.

Rebooting your internet router/cablemodem/wireless access point may also help.

Insufficient Bandwidth, viewing problems can also be caused by bandwidth constraints. This stream requires a persistent 800Kbps download connection speed.

If this connection becomes burdened, the video quality will suffer in a way that may cause the image to stutter or become pixilated.

The most common factors that affect bandwidth include but are not limited to:

Shared Connections (such as schools, public hotspots and homes with multiple computers sharing one internet connection).
File Downloads consuming network and computer processing time.
System Updates (Windows machines periodically download system updates automatically).
Anti-virus scans – do not disable.

The other thing that can affect your video playback is your browser and Flash configuration.

To test your connection speed and browser configuration, visit a network speed test web site.

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Why Pay-Per-View?

Thank you for choosing Prep45 internet broadcasts powered by GrandStadium.TV.

GrandStadium has grown and provides more than 200,000 hours of live tournament webcasts each year. In doing so, we have invested in new technologies which improve our webcasts and increase our ability to offer the games on a variety of devices.

Because of our investment to better serve you and to provide championship game webcasts through a quality viewing experience, GrandStadium will need to charge a nominal fee of $6.97 for one tournament day of live events or there may be optional multi-day passes offered for some events; and $2.97 for each game that is viewed on-delay (VOD).

Events broadcast over-the-air and on cable and satellite, services will continue to be shown free of charge throughout Minnesota on 45TV and their affiliated providers. For a listing of this season’s live events, please visit the Event Schedule tab at

If you have any questions or concerns relative to our broadcasts or any other Prep45 or GrandStadium issues, please e-mail, or call our support line at 888-406-7073 and leave a message after the prompt. We would like to know the city, state, or country in which you watch our webcast and we would like to know if there were other sports, you would like us to webcast

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What types of payments do you accept?

Prep45.GrandStadium.TV currently accepts payments via Visa and MasterCard

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Is my Credit Card and Contact Information safe?

At Grand Stadium, we take your privacy very seriously. Your contact information will never be sold to other organizations (please see our Privacy Policy for more information). In addition to our policies regarding your information, we also have taken steps to stop unauthorized people from capturing the data you enter on our website.

Prep45.GrandStadium.TV uses a 128-bit SSL certificate to encrypt and secure your information against hackers.

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Can I get a DVD of the event that I purchased?

Some events are recorded for DVD distribution. Contact support@GrandStadium.Tv and let us know the team, date, sport type, class or league and we'll see if that is available.

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What is this Octoshape Plug-in?

First time viewers will be prompted if they want to install the Octoshape Stream Enhancement. They can say “no thanks” and proceed to get the video, provided their browser is up-to-date. If it is older, it is strongly recommended they be upgraded.
We recommend that you “Agree and Install” the enhancement. The Octoshape Stream Enhancement will help the video flow more smoothly on the network you are watching on, especially if multiple viewers are on the same network.

You see, the technology in our stream enhancing flash plug-in will allow your viewers within your network to literally share the incoming video stream amongst each other, without overburdening your internet connection, and without taxing the computers themselves.

It is recommended all viewers install the Octoshape Stream Enhancement.
This is the same technology used for years by CNN, ESPN, PGA, NASCAR and others. You will be glad you did!

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Can I download an event to my computer to watch later?

Prep45.GrandStadium.TV does not currently support the local download of files due to copyright rules and regulations.

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Can I watch an event from a public location such as a school, hotel or Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Prep45.GrandStadium.Tv sometimes utilizes Octoshape(TM) Optimized technology for select live events. This patented technology allows viewers of the same live event to share the incoming video stream to minimize the impact on the “last mile” network and internet connection. While we can optimize the incoming video broadcast, we cannot control what else might be happening over a shared internet connection on a public connection.

For this reason, wireless hotspots may not deliver a smooth viewing experience. We recommend a dedicated internet connection for a stutter-free viewing. It is possible that you will be able to use a public hotspot to experience a game with absolutely no problems, but this is purely a “Use at your own risk” situation.

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Do I have to have Flash Player installed to view an event?

Yes! The Flash Player runs as a plug-in to all supported browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari) and is available free of charge on the Adobe website.

Click here to get the most recent flash player. Get the latest Flash Player now!

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New Browser Installation?

If you have just installed a new browser, you may need to install or reinstall the Adobe Flash Media Player in order to see the video.

Please click here to install!

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Where can I get the latest flash player?

The Flash Player runs as a plug-in to all supported browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari) and is available free of charge on the Adobe website.

Click here to get the most recent flash player. Get the latest Flash Player now!

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Why am I receiving a message stating there is a problem with the website’s certificate?

Certificate Error Message

If you are receiving a message similar to the above, please check to make sure that you have entered the website URL correctly. The website URL should read You do not need a "WWW" at the beginning of the web address.

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I get a warning message stating that I am viewing secure and insecure content when I view a live event. What does this mean?

Common security Warning

Portions of the Prep45.GrandStadium.TV website uses an SSL certificate to secure certain communications between your browser and our application. However, some of these web page elements have to be pulled in from outside of our server. Our SSL Certificate System does not secure these items (sponsor messages and some video content). Because of this, you might receive the message shown above. Rest assured, your data is still being 100% protected to the best of our ability. Please accept or allow the process to run to experience the full features available at our site.

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How can I put my team or my school’s events on Prep45.GrandStadium.TV?

If you have a team or school that is interested in delivering your own live or on-demand internet video you can register for a free 30-day trial. Registering with GrandStadium is easy and FREE! With a few easy steps your school’s events can be uploaded and viewable from any high-speed internet connection! To register for a free 30-day evaluation, click here!

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I Need More Support!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding GrandStadium issues, the fastest way to obtain support is to e-mail:, be sure to include your phone number and your question/issue. Remember - A reboot solves 90% of all playback issues.

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